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This Video goes into more details on how Gilles Marin, the director of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute found his way to Chi Nei Tsang. He talks about working with Acupuncturist Stephen Chang who wrote the book: the great tao. Chi Nei Tsang is a form of
Applied Chi Kung aka Applied Qi Gong. Using highly refined Chi a very good Professional Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner is highly
trained through daily Chi Kung aka Qi Gong Practices to apply Chi to the abdomen and help to add energy which is used by the
student aka client for emotional and physical transformation. Chi Nei Tsang is also known as Abdominal Massage however the
refinement of touch and the mastery of chi transfer through touch cannot be  compared to an ordinary Massage. A Chi Nei Tsang Belly Massage or Abdominal Massage is a highly sophisticated application of Earth and Cosmic Chi, very precisly and focused directed by a trained and gifted practitioner. Any Disease can be healed through Chi Nei Tsang: Depression, Cancer,
Aids, Insomnia, Constipation, IBS, Crohn's, Ulcerative Colitis, Pre and Post Surgery  Care, Immune Challenges, Migraine,
Asthma, Obesity, Gallstones, Kidney Stones, PMS, Fibroids, Menopausal Issues, Male Infertility, Female Infertility,
Sexual Dysfunction and many more.

<![CDATA[Chi Nei Tsang , The Documentary Part One :Gilles Marin, Director of The Chi Nei Tsang Institute In the San Francisco Bay Area in Conversation about Chi Nei Tsang with Martina Allegria]]>Wed, 03 Aug 2011 22:32:18 GMThttp://www.chikungtherapy.net/health-blog/chi-nei-tsang-the-documentary-part-one-gilles-marin-director-of-the-chi-nei-tsang-institute-in-the-san-francisco-bay-area-in-conversation-about-chi-nei-tsang-with-martina-allegriaGilles Marin, the director of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute talks about his encounter with Chi Nei Tsang and the developement of the Chi Nei Tsang Institute. He talks about his connection with Master Mantak Chia, the difference between Healing and Curing and how Chi Nei Tsang can heal anybody from any disease know to mankind. Martina Allegria met him at his lovely home and garden in Berkeley. She is a Senior Chi Nei Tsang Practitioner and determined to make Chi Nei Tsang a modality sought by all who want to be healthy, live long happy lives and believe that joy is our birthright. She can be reached for private
sessions in Chi Nei Tsang , Chikung , Qi Gong or Reiki at 415.690.7059  or emailed at transform@chikungtherapy.net
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German New Medicine (GNM), developed by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., operates
under the premise that every disease, including cancer, originates from an
unexpected shock experience.

The discovery came after Dr. Hamer, the former head internist in the oncology clinic at the University of Munich, Germany, lost his son in an unexpected tragedy, then developed testicular cancer. The diagnosis led him to study the connection between stressful events and disease by investigating the histories of his cancer patients.
He found that, like himself, every one of his patients had gone through a very
stressful episode prior to developing cancer, and, upon investigating other
diseases found that every disease is controlled from its own specific area in
the brain and linked to a very particular, identifiable, “conflict

GNM is based of five biological laws that apply scientifically to
each and every case of disease. They include:

#1: Every disease is caused by a conflict shock that catches an individual
completely off guard.
#2: Provided there is a resolution of the conflict, every disease proceeds in
two phases, a conflict-active phase and a healing phase.
#3: Ties the findings of the first two laws into the context of embryology
and the evolution of man. It illustrates the biological correlation between the
psyche,   the brain, and the organ from an evolutionary point of view
#4: Addresses the role of microbes in the context of evolution and in
relation to the three germ layers from which our organs originate. Microbes are
indispensable to your survival.
#5: Every so-called disease has to be understood as a “meaningful special
biological program of nature” created to solve an unexpected biological

Further, Dr. Hamer believes that a person cannot die of cancer in and of

If someone dies during the conflict-active phase of disease, he
says, it’s because of energy loss, weight loss, sleep deprivation, and emotional
and mental exhaustion. The stress of receiving a cancer diagnosis, or being
given a negative prognosis, is often enough to deprive a person of their
life-force. Conventional cancer treatments only accelerate the downward

While trying to publicize his findings, Dr. Hamer has been
persecuted and harassed by German and French authorities. He is now living in
exile in Spain where he is continuing his fight for official recognition of
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